July 21, 1969 GMT 2:56, Speedmaster aboard Apollo 11 spacecraft landed on the moon, the moon mission after each table has a super figure, including the most legendary and unexpected Apollo 13 No task. Speedmaster watch on the topic is actually very rich, the Japanese players who have it launched book, even beyond the thickness of the dictionary herein, this will not repeat them. 2009 coincides with the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing (Apollo 11 mission), Omega introduced are table fans as “the history of the most faithful to the original” replica Speedmaster watch, faithful to what extent? Not only the movement of the moon then watch the same, even the plastic table mirror are reserved. Plastic is a not very wearable material, with its production of table mirror will have some scratches, but in the harsh environment of space, replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry the flexibility of the table mirror requirement is much higher than the wear requirements. So engraved version also uses plastic table mirror, while the high-end watch industry general sapphire crystal shelved. Talk so much choice that came out, this limited edition engraved watch the moon in two versions: one is limited up to 7969 stainless steel wristwatch (silver medal with 40 g weight), the price is not to 45,000 yuan; the other is the world’s limited only 69 of the Pt950 platinum super limited edition watch (with 85 grams heavy 24K gold medals), priced at nearly 800,000 yuan. Two prices both aerospace production as if stuck table players and super fans of the throat, the budget to achieve the Platinum tables Friends suffer not buy precious watch such a low yield, while the purchase of a limited edition stainless friends, heart always there is a lingering dream of platinum. This feeling beautiful and magical!

Choice functional

Earl in 2012 launched Gouverneur men’s dress form as a “choice function” marketing classic case. The table in ensuring the look and feel exactly the same case, also released a classic three-pin (hour, minute, second hand) calendar watches, chronograph watches calendar and moon phases flying tourbillon watch. Three are polished 18K rose gold case with 18K white gold diamond case simultaneously available, the next series of Gouverneur framework derived from the replica Van Cleef Arpels total six sub-section, so you hundreds of thousands to millions of budget tables are available You can find a favorite Gouverneur watch. Especially those on a budget is only enough to buy consumer sweep basic models, their hearts planted “seed time” will make it to realize their dream even top chronograph tourbillon dream continue to struggle in the future. This is a good choice of brand brilliant place. Diamond guangyan precious metal can not be simply replaced by shiny, mysterious tourbillon, chronograph watches in the magic can not be a simple function of body experience, or else people will buy plain gold ring will buy diamond ring. But as long as the purchase of a consumer Gouverneur Getting the rose gold, polished inside and outside has been superb Van Cleef and Arpels replica jewelry technology, sleek design attracted by human desires in front of beautiful objects always seemed endless. Brand can make such a sublime choice, watch sales data bound to a single market, the existence of a good watch many times.

Choice of materials and cutting-edge technology

In addition to the difference between steel and gold, the choice of the most cutting-edge watchmaking technology sometimes appear. Rolex made in this regard a model. Reform and opening up, thriving Rado big factor because “never wear” advertising slogan, it deeply touches the heart of every Chineseimitation Van Cleef Arpels jewelry softest part. High-tech ceramic material is used in radar watchmaking hardness only to diamond material, unless you really plan to go high-tech ceramic with diamonds, otherwise there is nothing to give it harm. Since 2005, Rolex watches are starting to optional high-tech ceramic bezel, because the bezel similar to the car’s bumper, the watch is the most vulnerable place. Ceramic bezel, while the case is still using the industry’s highest standard of 904L stainless steel or noble 18K gold and platinum, stocky Rolex menace. Table fans soon discovered that Rolex “of ceramic bezel,” the process has certain rules, the first material used in all gold watch, then watch the magic and white material, and finally Hermes jewelry replicas steel material watches. Rolex fans waiting for a classic stainless steel table Optional ceramic bezel may take more than five years, this process has not ended to this day. Rolex watches in Daytona (Daytona) Type Chronograph most sought after investment value is the highest. Inside Daytona is the industry’s well-known choice: Stainless Steel basic models, priced at about 90,000 yuan. Platinum models priced at 200,000 yuan. The difference between platinum and steel section is obvious, with red pointers is white gold. 2013 coincides with the Rolex Daytona 50th anniversary, Rolex introduced the ultimate commemorative edition – Chestnut Cerachrom (Rolex proprietary technical ceramics) bezel with ice-blue face plate platinum watches, priced at nearly 60 million, table fans commonly cheap Hermes jewelry known as “ice blue chestnut circle.” Such a multiple-choice test of economic strength to do it really ah. And a friend to me, I have witnessed him from the stainless steel Daytona buy from, then red pin white gold, start again this year, “Ice Blue chestnuts circle.” Three watch recorded his track career, which is the trajectory of life